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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of how to use the website:

Welcome to Dilllin our online website that strives to provide our customers with an easy and comfortable shopping experience. We hope you enjoy all that our website offers.

Fadlin General Trading owns, manages and operates the trading site which is known as and which under is the name Dilllin, in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Note that Fadlin General Trading Company (SPC) is a limited liability company established within the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain and is registered under the CR no. 129472 – 1.



We aim to make the site and its related services with the largest possible number of users. However, we require you to be 18 years old at least and you have the ability to do the following legally. (Firstly) Payment by one of our accepted payment methods; (Second) Approval to these provisions; (Thirdly) To place orders on the site. The site is for your personal use or for gifts only and Commercial use is not permitted. We reserve the right to decline orders in which we suspect are for commercial use.



In order for you to benefit from the advantages and services of this website, you can use the website with the visitor data or create an account and register your data with us. Note that you are the one who will always be responsible for ensuring that any personal or payment data you provide to us is correct; correct as well as complete. 


You can update your information by contacting us via our numbers or you can update it on your personal account on the site. Please keep your account data and password confidential. However, our customer service representatives will never ask you for your password. We are committed to comply with our privacy policy, but we are not responsible for any loss incurred of the clients due to misuse of this data. Please notify us as soon as possible if you believe that your personal account on our site has been hacked.


By registering for any purchase order on the site, you are committed to meet the outlined eligibility criteria above and you should confirm that the information you have provided is information about you and is accurate in all aspects and Commercial parties are not eligible to register with us.


When you register any order we have, then - according to your rights to cancel or return the products - you are committed to purchasing the products mentioned in the purchase order and at the price mentioned, whereas, this does not include any delivery charges, taxes or customs fees, if any.

Purchase orders are subjected to our acceptance, which we may withhold at our discretion to confirm payment authorization, suspicion of fraud for reasons such as incapacity, inability, shipping restrictions, and stock availability. 

The site may display information related to product availability. However, this information can be used to estimate the potential availability of a product once the order has been registered. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any product listed as available will be immediately available, the available stock can change significantly throughout the day, and in rare cases, the product may be available immediately as soon as you register the order, but by the time the order is executed, the stock available will be completely sold out, If this happens, you will be notified. 

You will be notified through your email once we have received your order. However, order confirmation will only be made upon receipt of an email from us to confirm that the product (s) have been sent for delivery to you.


However, order confirmation will only be made upon receipt of an email from us to confirm that the product (s) have been sent for delivery to you and no other party has the authority to confirm the acceptance of the purchase order other than us. 



Currently we accept the following payment methods for purchase orders registered on our site: Visa Card, Master Card, Paypal account and the balance available in your personal account on our website to accept payment upon receipt in Dilllin. The amount due will be collected at the time your order is registered, and by entering your payment information on our website, by this you guarantee that you have obtained permission to pay by using that data. We reserve the right to refuse orders without incurring any obligation to you wherever we believe the payment process is not authorized, the payment instrument is invalid or where we believe you are not authorized to use the payment method that was used.



The price displayed to you at the checkout is the price you pay. This will not vary later whatever currency fluctuations occur. Refunds will also be set at the price you paid not the price in the currency concerned at the date of refund. Shipping to countries that are outside the EU may be subject to local import taxes, which are your responsibility (if applicable). If so, the shipping company will contact you by telephone once your Items are in customs to let you know the cost. Be aware that this may delay your delivery time as goods held at customs will be your responsibility to pay the necessary charges for local authorities to release the goods.